Spending Too Much Time on RFPs?

RFPs are a pain for everyone involved. They are labor intensive, inefficient, and often take too long to process. The manual RFP process makes businesses less nimble and hurts the bottom line.

Archer is a better way to manage the RFP/bidding process. Our RFP software streamlines the entire process. It improves the quality of bids you get back by standardizing the information and format of each bid. Our software also allows you to easily compare proposals side by side.

Cut RFP Processing Time by Up to 60%

Archer uses cutting-edge technology and an intuitive interface to make each step of the RFI/RFP process faster and more efficient. Our web-based software is designed to get you up and running fast with easy to use templates that are completely customizable. You can use the software from anywhere—even from your mobile device.

How It Works

Step 1

Draft and customize the RFP to meet your organization’s precise needs

Step 2

Invite vendors via email and have them submit their responses online

Step 3

Vendors complete the RFPs and include all supporting documentation

Step 4

Compare vendors side-by-side with analytics and scoring

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Archer Helps You Make the Right Decision Faster

Our software enables you to manage all aspects of your RFP process in one place. Collaboration is easier and there is no more need to make multiple copies of a single RFP. With our dashboards, analytics, and reports you can make timely, data-driven purchasing decisions.

It’s Time to Handle RFPs Like a Modern Business.