Consulting and Professional Services

Your team is overburdened with multiple projects and can’t add more to their plate. With our exceptional service, your team can focus on mission-critical activities while we deliver new technology and solutions for your business.

We work with you to understand where your business is, where you want it to go, and what would it take to get there.

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System Implementation

Turnkey solution for smart buildings and data centers. Services include vendor selection, installation, configuration, customization, training. We design and implement monitoring systems to collect, aggregate, analyze data and represent information.

System Implementation Services

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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Comprehensive audit of your DCIM tools, systems, processes and practices. Make recommendations on opportunities for improvement and optimization. Identify gaps and propose solutions. Help you achieve and maximize your ROI on DCIM systems

DCIM Services

Enterprise Integration

The old way of siloed proprietary systems that are very difficult and expensive to implement and maintain doesn’t work for your business anymore. Modern business demands one centralized system that gives users access to all the data and information they need. We bring together component systems in your buildings and data center to act as a coordinate whole.

System Integration Services

Custom Software Development

Filling in the gap, customizing a module, or need a software from scratch? We can do it all.

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Staffing Solutions

We specialize in finding the right talent for your organization. Our client list includes leading names from technology, construction, utilities, energy management and other sectors. We pride ourselves in finding the candidates with the right skill sets for your specific needs.

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Smart Buildings and IoT

Connecting everything to everyone, IoT is finding application everywhere, especially in buildings. Our accomplished experts will help you through all stages of your smart buildings and IoT solutions.

Smart Buildings and IoT Services

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Device communication, monitoring and integration

Robust solutions that integrate every device and system, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol.

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Website Design and Development

We are passionate about web and software development and use latest technologies to build websites that meet your needs.

Web Development

We’ll take you home with careful planning, design and execution.