Enterprise Integration

We make multiple systems ‘talk to each other’

The old way of siloed proprietary systems that are very difficult and expensive to implement and maintain doesn’t work for your business anymore. Modern business demands one centralized system that gives users access to all the data and information they need. We bring together component systems in your buildings and data center to act as a coordinate whole.

System integration is the process of aggregating several disparate sub-systems into one coherent system.

Connecting your distributed infrastructure into a cohesive platform

When you consolidate, aggregate and normalize data from multiple systems, you get enhanced visibility into your infrastructure. The integrated system simplifies complex activities and processes, increasing productivity and operational efficiency while reducing costs and risks. You can also develop personalized, holistic dashboard for all level of users, cutting across domains and departments, that enables intelligent decision making backed by data and facts.

Integrating different systems allow you to automate manual tasks and business processes, freeing up your team’s time so they can focus on more important tasks.

Integrating systems with efficiency and optimized business workflow for all department.

The data aggregation and consolidation feed dashboard for all; from C-level executives to building or operations manager. Develop a coherent, single source of all data; for operations, planning, billing, forecasting, and custom reporting.

Some additional benefits

  • Analytics: Provide, process, and analyze real time monitored data to support intelligent decision making, save energy, reduce risk of outages, and increase reliability. Identify risks and weak links, pinpoint irregular systems. Preform predictive analysis.
  • Single pane of glass monitoring. Consolidate alarms, trends, notifications, tickets, work orders, and other key metrics from individual systems into one. Eliminate the need to monitor individual systems.
  • Enhanced visibility into your infrastructure. Continuous, accurate, timely, and actionable information about your facility.
  • Simplified management: Combining various systems into an integrated solution makes things more manageable. Eliminate the need to deal with stand alone systems.

Accelerate your success with us.

There are many challenges to integrating multiple third-party systems and issues such as data integration and normalization, data transformation, network security, network connectivity and isolation, firewall often occur. Now, imagine many systems spread across different sites, domains, and departments: How much does this complicate the design and integration of the system? What will you encounter that you don’t plan for and how will it be solved?

Help you Better manage your infrastructure 

We sort through the complexities of your buildings and data center systems to deliver robust solutions that achieve your business objectives. Diverse portfolio of applications; databases, cloud applications, endpoints, IoT present new challenges, and we love handling those. Our experts work with you to clearly define your goals and purpose for each project and component. Together, we ask and answer questions such as

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What is the desired workflow?
  • What are your expectations out of the solution?

We develop functional and non-functional requirements, study your systems, networks and processes to identify the best way to transfer data and information. Working in tandem with your team, we institute data quality, validation and performance criteria for the solution, identify risk and dependencies.

We research into and recommend the best ways to exchange data, typically done using one or multiple of

  • Web Services, API
  • JDBC/ODBC connections
  • Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, OPC
  • Data connectors, Native methods
  • SDKs, Data Connectors, ETL (Extract Transform Load)
  • Custom Software, Killer Apps
  • Event listeners, Web sockets

We’ll take you home with careful planning, design and execution.

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